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An Ode to Politics in 2015

As politicians head home for some holiday cheer, we bring you the best moments in politics this year! Photo:AP


Clinton and the Black Vote
Hillary Clinton heads into Super Tuesday with a victory in South Carolina in her pocket and a number of endorsements from black political and cultural leaders. That marks a significant change in her campaign’s relationship with the African American electorate since her presidential run in 2008. Photo: Bloomberg


Donald Trump Takes a Hit in New WSJ Poll
Donald Trump has been at the top of the Republican presidential pack for months in national surveys, but a new WSJ/NBC News poll shows he has been overtaken by Sen. Ted Cruz. Photo: AP


Candidates React to Obama’s Gun Measures
Republican presidential candidates promised to repeal President Obama’s new gun regulations while Democrats celebrated the move. Photo: AP


Who Is Junipero Serra?

Junipero Serra, an 18th century Spanish missionary, will be canonized as a saint during Pope Francis’ trip. But his sainthood isn’t without controversy. Photo: Mike Blake/Reuters


D.C. Music Students Prepare for Papal Mass

As the arrival of Pope Francis nears, students and alumni from Catholic University’s Benjamin T. Rome School of Music are tuning up to play for the pontiff at a Mass in Washington, D.C.


GOP Batters Hope to Reverse the Curse

After six years of losses, the Republican baseball team, fueled by an influx of freshmen players from the 2014 elections, hopes to finally get a win.


U.S. Navy Unveils New Laser Weapon

The U.S. Navy debuted a new laser weapon system designed to protect ships without using ammunition. Photo: U.S. Navy


Call in the Cavalry: These Soldiers Must Ride!

To honor their company’s Revolutionary heritage, reservists in the First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry still learn horseback riding and saber skills.


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